Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Ishi dress

A lot of firsts today. This is my first post on this blog, my first bought loose pattern, first time I use a home printed pattern and first time I participate in a contest.

proudly presenting: Konijn

I found this pattern from  Straight Grain and it was love at first sight. I like the simplicity of it, the clean lines, combined with a very practical design, but still ellegant. And the versatility. I'm a big fan of versatile patterns, the kind that you can make completely different dresses  just by using different fabrics.

...and Muisje

This time the dress is for Emilia. Most of the times is the older sister who gets the cool stuff, so I decided to reverse this trend a bit.

 It didn't turned out really as I wanted. That stripped fabric on the front proved to be quite difficult to cut without pulling it out of shape. But, in the end, I managed to make it symmetrical.

  Also, the size is on the biggest side, at least for my skinny toddler. Many times when I make something for kids I take one size bigger, but with this one is better to stay on size. I also tried to make the sleeves  quarters and they turned out pretty long. No problem at all, it's gonna be a
great autumn dress!

Millie is running to the forest

When Konijn gets tired, he has 2 big pockets to sleep in

What I am sure about is that there will be a second and maybe a third Ishi dress coming. It is also a good way to use up pieces of pretty fabric which are too small for something else.
 The fabrics I used for this one I bought in the shop of in Geel. The funny thing is that I put the cyclam fabric next to the red-orange one and I told my husband "look, a Prada combination". I went to the cassa to pay and I saw the labels - well, the orange fabric is indeed a Prada! I swear I haven't seen the label before.

The biggest problem with taking a photo of this dress is that the colours are so saturated and the camera won't catch the real hue of that green. It's much darker and richer and intense and it integrates  perfectly with the orange-red and the cyclam. This last picture is closer to the real colours, but still not really there.

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