Friday, June 26, 2015

Rabbit and Bear

I made this dress for Ekaterina and didn't upload it, not even on facebook, so I thought it's definitely time, as she already wore it and even stained it a bit. Let's show it while it's still here:

The Pattern is from Knippie and I haven't change anything in it but this dress has a different vibe than the original:

I used a tricot panel from FinchFabrics and combined it with other tricots in order to get a wide dress, like in the pattern. All fabrics come from De Stoffenstraat.

The dress is very wide and Ekaterina loves to spin in it

There is a knot on each sleeve, and I doubled each half sleeve with a different colour, to make it even more chaotic

I don't have a picture of Ekaterina wearing it because she was, well, a bit elusive to the camera.

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