Friday, July 10, 2015

Baby Chicken and the Owl Brigade

This is going to be a gift for a little Polish viking who is going to love chickens and is going to be born this month. How do I know already that she is going to love chickens? Well, her mother does.

First I had to find the perfect chicken fabric. Velour would have been softer, but terry resembles a baby chicken better, so I went for a yellow terry cupon. I just hope it won't hook too soon.

I wanted this hoodie to be completely reversible, but I couldn't find any cute chicken print tricot, so I used this super cute owls from Poppy, which is supposed to be a Belgian designer for kiddy fabrics and patterns, but I don't know more about it. Anyway, it's made in Europe.
The pattern comes from leafytreetopspot but I made some changes. I remember dressing newborns was not the easiest thing in the world. Pulling something over a newborn's head can be tricky, especially for first time parents, so I'll let the jacket open at the sides and close it with ribbons. The ribbons don't fit so well but they were all that I had at hand. Snap buttons would have been best but I don't trust mine: they tend to pop out and there's no way to fix them without the right tool.. 
Also, pulling a tiny baby's little fists through a sleeve with elastic was not really my favourite thing to do, especially when in a hurry, so I left the elastic edge out. I also adde 5 mm all around out of fear that it would be too small otherwise (the terry is not strech). I hope this was not a mistake..
I crocheted quickly a chicken comb. It looked like that:

Then it got attached on the hoodie. It went easier than I expected:

It didn't go really perfect, but I hope it will be practical

And it's perfectly reversible!

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