Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The princess of the sea

I found this pattern in a magazine from the library and it was supposed to be a make over after a dress worn by some real Dutch little princesses. It looked good, a bit classic and a bit vintage,  so I wanted to try it on, and I discovered it has the fault many little girl dress patterns have: the chest width is too big compared with the waist, which is not realistic as 4 years olds use to have the chest exaclty the same size as their waists. This makes it gap a bit at the armpits.
Also, the yellow satin is not of great quality and that became visible even before the dress was completely ready. I tried to bring this to the attention (just inform, not ask any refund or anything like that) of some salesperson from the shop but she looked at me like I just landed from another gallaxy. Sometimes they are friendly in that shop, but other times they have the charm of some saleswoman in a state owned shop from a communist country.  I blame it on my poor Ducth skills - and go shop somewhere else where they understand my Dutch better.
Anyway, Ekaterina, a bit to my surprise, loves this dress.
The fish fabric is light canvas from Martin Schiphorst. Unfortunately, they don't have a site, but they are to be found at the Stoffenspektakel markets.. They have this canvas with awsome prints. Apparently it is intended for home decor, but it is nice to work with and soft and it makes great children clothing. It wears well, doesn't need much ironing and doesn't show the stains and dirt easily. I already made 7 dresses for my girls out of it, with different prints.

The simplest skirt you can get

I usually enjoy making more complicated patterns but after over one year of sewing for my girls I learned one thing: kids love simple good-old patterns and also the are the most confortable to wear. So I finally got to make the classic skirt out of one rectangle of fabric ruffled on an elastic ribbon. 

One for Ekaterina and one for Emilia. Emilia has already a shelf full of skirts from her older sister, but every time Ekaterina gets something, she wants one too, so I think from now on everything will come more or less double. Exclusivelly passing clothes down from the older sister works perfectly... until the little one turns 2 years old. 
As for Ekaterina, lately her favourite colour is "light blue with glitter", so everything that has this 2 attributes is beautiful. And if a skirt is super wide and fluffy, it spells perfection. Luckly Emilia has a broader range of chromatic favourites. She didn't lose her personality yet to some Disney princess. 

Attaching the skirt to the elastic proved more difficult than I thought and the result is not as neat as I wish. Next times I'll try to develop other techniques. 

The girls absolutely love their new skirts and i find this a great way to use elatively small leftovers of fabric. It is also really cheap to get fabric for a skirt, as they need only about 30 cm of fabric. this way even expensive farics become affordable and with cheaper fabrics I can make a skirt with 2-4 euro elastic included, which beats all the shop prices. 
I think I'm going to "shoot" a lot of this skirts in the future so I armed myself with a good supply of glittery, colourful elastic:

The Bambi skirt

I actually made this quite a while ago. The fabric I bought about some 2 years ago, before I even had a sewing machine.

Looking at it after so long, I didn't like it so much anymore. I did like the fabric in itself, it is cute, but i couldn't figure what i could make out of it and not to look too baby-ish. So I decided for this skirt after a pattern from the Zelfgemaakte Kleertjes 2 book, with golden piping to bring a spark in it.
One minus point for such skirts with pokets or very clear symetry on little girls is that they twist and never stay alligned on the middle. The plus point is that it is an elaborated pattern and a bit of challenge is bringing some salt and pepper in the process of making something.
Ekaterina likes it because it's fluffy and it has "Bambi" so the effort was not in vain.

Back online

Finally, i am back. I've been busy lately. Our little Elisabeta, our third girl have been born.
Also, I've been sewing quite a lot, so much that it didn't let me time for posting it. actually no, it's not really true, but I need an excuse, of course. The truth is that it's not easy to take pictures of my girls while wearing their mama-made clothes and I thought posting clothes on hangers would be boring. But I'm kind of forced to do it. 
First I am going to post a couple of the things I've made just before or after BabyLisa's birth. 
Many have been already heavily worn. some are not even worth posting anymore.
I also have loads of projects in the making and a closet full of beautiful fabrics.
Let's post!