Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The princess of the sea

I found this pattern in a magazine from the library and it was supposed to be a make over after a dress worn by some real Dutch little princesses. It looked good, a bit classic and a bit vintage,  so I wanted to try it on, and I discovered it has the fault many little girl dress patterns have: the chest width is too big compared with the waist, which is not realistic as 4 years olds use to have the chest exaclty the same size as their waists. This makes it gap a bit at the armpits.
Also, the yellow satin is not of great quality and that became visible even before the dress was completely ready. I tried to bring this to the attention (just inform, not ask any refund or anything like that) of some salesperson from the shop but she looked at me like I just landed from another gallaxy. Sometimes they are friendly in that shop, but other times they have the charm of some saleswoman in a state owned shop from a communist country.  I blame it on my poor Ducth skills - and go shop somewhere else where they understand my Dutch better.
Anyway, Ekaterina, a bit to my surprise, loves this dress.
The fish fabric is light canvas from Martin Schiphorst. Unfortunately, they don't have a site, but they are to be found at the Stoffenspektakel markets.. They have this canvas with awsome prints. Apparently it is intended for home decor, but it is nice to work with and soft and it makes great children clothing. It wears well, doesn't need much ironing and doesn't show the stains and dirt easily. I already made 7 dresses for my girls out of it, with different prints.

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