Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The simplest skirt you can get

I usually enjoy making more complicated patterns but after over one year of sewing for my girls I learned one thing: kids love simple good-old patterns and also the are the most confortable to wear. So I finally got to make the classic skirt out of one rectangle of fabric ruffled on an elastic ribbon. 

One for Ekaterina and one for Emilia. Emilia has already a shelf full of skirts from her older sister, but every time Ekaterina gets something, she wants one too, so I think from now on everything will come more or less double. Exclusivelly passing clothes down from the older sister works perfectly... until the little one turns 2 years old. 
As for Ekaterina, lately her favourite colour is "light blue with glitter", so everything that has this 2 attributes is beautiful. And if a skirt is super wide and fluffy, it spells perfection. Luckly Emilia has a broader range of chromatic favourites. She didn't lose her personality yet to some Disney princess. 

Attaching the skirt to the elastic proved more difficult than I thought and the result is not as neat as I wish. Next times I'll try to develop other techniques. 

The girls absolutely love their new skirts and i find this a great way to use elatively small leftovers of fabric. It is also really cheap to get fabric for a skirt, as they need only about 30 cm of fabric. this way even expensive farics become affordable and with cheaper fabrics I can make a skirt with 2-4 euro elastic included, which beats all the shop prices. 
I think I'm going to "shoot" a lot of this skirts in the future so I armed myself with a good supply of glittery, colourful elastic:

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