Thursday, June 2, 2016

Autumn in June

This is my first coat. I actually made it one year ago, when I was still e beginner, so it is one of my early projects so-to-say. It's been waiting one whole year in the closet because I didn't dare to make the buttonwholes. It's a thick but wobbly velvet and it is difficult to stitch. Stitching it on the slippery lining was even more difficult but that's another frustrating story... One day I just decided to make the buttonwholes by hand - and this is how it got finally finished.
Because of the difficult combination of fabrics, it also took me one day to make only the side pockets:

...And another day for the rest of the coat.
The lining is a rare shade of rosé with a golden shimmer, a fabric I used in many other projects and I am sad that it's finished:

Around the waist there is a ribbon with metal decoration. I also had to sew it on by hand.

It is not perfect but I learned a lot by making it.
The pattern used is simplicity 2534. It's a beautiful pattern and it's going to be used again for sure, but with some "normal" fabric. This mama is never going to sew a plush coat again. Ever.
The only problem is... Ekaterina hates it. I only convinced her to wear it once. better said, I tricked her. Emilia loves it but she has to grow 2 sizes. The advantage of having more girls: for everything I make there will be always at least one to like it. I'm sure Ekaterina will love it too, but after she will be grown out of it.

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