Tuesday, August 30, 2016


This time I decided to make something for Emilia. This pattern (Jill dress from La Maison Victor) allows for a bigger uncut panel on the front, so I gave it a try, even it is not a pattern for jersey. It somehow worked, only that the pattern not being for stretchy fabric, it turned out waaaay too big. I asked Ekaterina to fit it and it's her size.

Only that Emilia knows it's her dress and won't trade it for anything. So she's going to fit into this dress very very long. It was meant as a trial dress, but it seems it is going to stay with us...about 3 years.  This winter it will go with a long sleeves under.

If not, I'll have to make another dress for her, using the same print and so much bling that she will drop this one and want the new one.

This beautiful Stenzo panel fabric comes, like most of my fabrics, from De Stoffenstraat in Kasterlee

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Almost back to school!   

From time to time it feels good to go (back) to the basics. It gives you that "I can easily make this" feeling. You don't depend on the visits to the "cheap rubbish made by 5-years_olds on a boat" store anymore. At least you get the illusion you are more independent.

I started with these turtlenecks. I'm in love with turtlenecks since I was a teenager. You know, it was the beginning of the nineties...

The pattern is an adaptation of a basic t-shirt I found on this blog scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom . She's so nice as to post lots of really handy patterns and tutorials, all for free. There are also some good non-sewing diy ideas on that blog.

I'm moving on now to some leggings, another useful basic when school starts. I drafted and made a couple of test ones, to check the fit. I know this one is not very tight, this is how I like them. There are 4-5 more of them to follow, in different prints and colors. Here is she with her new leggings:

Aaand in the process of drafting,  I screwed one pair. It was meant for Ekaterina, because Emilia has already heaps of leggings and jeans, but I overestimated the stretch of the fabric so she could hardly pull them on. This is how Emilia got an unplanned pair of "boyfriend's jeans" (big sister's jeans, in her case) which are not at all like they should be, but she likes them so they will be great for playing in the garden.


While I was busy posting this, the girls went out in the garden to play. It took only maximum 10 minutes : this is how Emilia's jeans look now:

And here are Ekaterina's leggings, AFTER rinsing:

I think I underestimated again. 3-4 leggings is nothing. I think we need more like 10-15. At least.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


I had to finally attack one of the many blue glamour fabrics which were waiting to be turned into skirts. I hope this is going to be her favourite colour for long, otherwise I'll be stuck forever with all the bright blue fluff and glitter.

The top I made some time ago and the first 2 days she didn't want to take it off anymore. 

Look, flowers!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Ikke's shorts

It's almost impossible to convince Ekaterina to wear anything else than wide and dressy skirts or dresses. But one day I realised that a pair of shorts is a must in a girl's wardrobe. Well, I actually knew that for long, I only had to convince Ekaterina of this truth. She could choose the fabric and trim for her shorts in exchange of wearing them at least once.

I needed a simple, classic pattern something easy to make and easy to wear, but a tinny bit more dressed up than a beach bermuda. Like something with pockets.
I came across this beautifully classic and confy shorts from ikkeismooi (free pattern for size 116 on her blog)

The fabric was a bit dark for my taste but it got lightened up by a very intense pink trimming.
Unfortunately, the pattern comes only in size 116 and Ekaterina has 104, so the shorts are a bit large but they will fit perfectly next summer. Now they have a bit the bermuda look - which is not so bad neither, I find.

She did wear them once already, so I reached my goal. The rest is bonus.