Tuesday, August 30, 2016


This time I decided to make something for Emilia. This pattern (Jill dress from La Maison Victor) allows for a bigger uncut panel on the front, so I gave it a try, even it is not a pattern for jersey. It somehow worked, only that the pattern not being for stretchy fabric, it turned out waaaay too big. I asked Ekaterina to fit it and it's her size.

Only that Emilia knows it's her dress and won't trade it for anything. So she's going to fit into this dress very very long. It was meant as a trial dress, but it seems it is going to stay with us...about 3 years.  This winter it will go with a long sleeves under.

If not, I'll have to make another dress for her, using the same print and so much bling that she will drop this one and want the new one.

This beautiful Stenzo panel fabric comes, like most of my fabrics, from De Stoffenstraat in Kasterlee

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