Friday, August 12, 2016

Ikke's shorts

It's almost impossible to convince Ekaterina to wear anything else than wide and dressy skirts or dresses. But one day I realised that a pair of shorts is a must in a girl's wardrobe. Well, I actually knew that for long, I only had to convince Ekaterina of this truth. She could choose the fabric and trim for her shorts in exchange of wearing them at least once.

I needed a simple, classic pattern something easy to make and easy to wear, but a tinny bit more dressed up than a beach bermuda. Like something with pockets.
I came across this beautifully classic and confy shorts from ikkeismooi (free pattern for size 116 on her blog)

The fabric was a bit dark for my taste but it got lightened up by a very intense pink trimming.
Unfortunately, the pattern comes only in size 116 and Ekaterina has 104, so the shorts are a bit large but they will fit perfectly next summer. Now they have a bit the bermuda look - which is not so bad neither, I find.

She did wear them once already, so I reached my goal. The rest is bonus. 

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