Wednesday, September 21, 2016


This is the first panel out of a series of 3, so there are more dresses with images like this to come. 
When I was still busy making it, I asked Ekaterina if she likes it and her answer knocked me down. Didn't know if to laugh or cry. She said: "I don't like it because it has a little bit of blue and blue is not my favourite colour anymore" . Go figure what's in a little girl's mind! Luckly she changed her mind when she saw the finished dress and said "well, I still like blue a very little bit". Luckly!

...So the dress already went to kindergarten, although it is on the large side (I made it to fit over a t-shirt during the winter).

The image on the front comes from Santoro London and it is part of the Mirabelle series.
The French terry with some subtle glitter on comes - expectable- from The Stoffenstraat.

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