Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Viki has a new friend

Let me introduce you Fifi, my new but second hand sewing machine. Fifi is a Pfaff Quilt Expression 2048. She's the new friend of Viki, my "old" Viking Emerald 116. Viki is a very good and reliable machine and it will stay with us to help Fifi. It is strong, it sews perfectly and it is amazingly easy to thread. It's neat and clean. A no-bullshit machine. It also has a horizontal bobin, which I love. And the threader does work! But it has only 16 stitches, and this became a bit too little for me. I wanted some fancy stuff. Fifi has it, and it has wonderful buttonholes, and 2 alphabets (I didn't use them yet but I will sure do it soon). It also has a feature that only Pfaffs do: double transport. It has everything I could want from a sewing machine. And it was quite cheap, I bought it from a lady who used to be a professional but just retired and she kept it just for making English buttonholes and sold it for a small price despite the fact that it is in top condition. 
I must say that Viki got a bit jealous and just after getting Fifi into our house did something she never did before: tangled the thread like a cheap old wrack. But now she got to better feelings and they are working as a team.

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