Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Romanian dress

I did it! The first Romanian dress is a fact. Also, the first dress made especially for my youngest, Elisabeta.
The shirt is 100% hand made, embroyded with silk on white linnen. the linnen I bought at a traditional crafts market.
The apron is machine made, not really traditional, just some sort of a look-alike (have mercy please, it is for a baby and I also had only 6 days to make the entire costume).
Here is the shirt drying on the line just after I finished it:

The embroydery pattern on the sleeves is complethely authentic, the one on the chest is a retouched authentic one. The patterns I took from Semne Cusute, an amazing blog about authentic Romanian traditional costumes.
Kalinka-the-dog insisted to have a picture with it:

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