Monday, January 23, 2017

Low budget jacket

Yarn: 65 cents per skein
Lace: a few cents
Buttons: recuperated from a toy

This is what this jacket costed. Still, the yarn is not as bad quality as the price suggests. Actually, it is pretty good, although the design is outdated. Probably, eighties or nineties. It's some vintage yarn bought in a hobby supplies stock clearance shop.

Again, I didn't follow any pattern, I kept improvising as I knitted. This is what I ussualy do, I start knitting without much planning and without knowing what the final piece will look like. My hands and the yarn will bring me somewhere. It is amazing how well it actually works. I call it "intuitive knitting". I can create quite ellaborate patterns like this. But give me instructions to follow, and I'll never finish that project and it won't fit well neither.

The thin lace is clashing with the bulky yarn, but this was the intention. It is an experiment. At this price, I can afford it. Just bring all that eighties leftover yarn to me.

The lace ribbon is not visible anymore when the jacket is closed.

The size is about 6 years.

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