Friday, February 17, 2017

More undies!

This time I am going to show you how easy is to make your own cotton underware for kids. Actually, I am going to show you only the "difficult part": the crotch. Finishing the edges can be done in many different ways but I am not going to explain them here.

First you cut the pattern pieces. You should have one back, one front and 2 crotch pieces. In my example the inner crotch piece is less wide because I am going to finish the edge with a seam. If you use an elastic trim, the crotch pieces will be identical.

Baste the wider end of the outer crotch against the lower edge of the back:

Pin and sew the wider end of the inner crotch on the other side of the back. You have a sandwich: outer crotch, back of undies, inner crotch:

Sew the pieces together using a jersey stitch. Remove the basting thread. Trim the edge at 3 mm or overlock it flat in place. I trim for less bulk. Trim the corners.

 Baste the lower edge of the front of the undies against the thinner end of the outer crotch:

Now comes the trick. Lay the outer crotch on the table, good side up. Roll both the front and the back of the undies like in the foto:

Bring the inner crotch over the 2 rolls. Pin and sew together using the jersey stitch.

Trim the excess fabric and the corners. It should look like this:

 Simply turn it inside out:

This is the inside of your garment:

 Some people would just skip the basting and pin through 3 layers and stitch in one move, but experience teached me that basting is not a waste of time, by the contrary. Excepting if you are as handy and precise as a professional.

Stitch the sides together with a jersey stitch and overlock. Again, some people skip the stitching and would only overlock. Overlocking and stitching is old school, but it makes your garment much stronger.

Now you only have to finish the seam around the legs and to add a waist elastic:

As I said, these last 2 steps can be done in many ways and I will not detail them today.

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