Thursday, May 18, 2017

The 5th birthday dress

This birthday scene has been waiting in the closet for the right moment for one year. 
The pattern I made myself and it is a bit experimental. Next time I'd make the skirt a bit smaller, although Ekaterina loves it like this.
It is a ballon skirt made out of a cirkle skirt, with 2 oversized pokets incorporated in it. 
The skirt stays fluffed up because it has some tulle in, between the lining and the skirt, attached to the lining. The tule discontinues behind the pokets. 

Comfy stuff

Sometimes we need really comfortable playing clothes, and then mama makes us "jeans", with 4 pockets, double seams and everything, but than on elastic and out of sweater fabric. 

Meet Leon, the "1 pisica".

This blog is called 3 pisici, which in Romanian means 3 cats. It is not a refference to my 3 little daughters. I literally have 3 cats. Leon is one of them. I found him years ago, abandoned in the forest. He was a sickish, tiny kitten. Now he is big but still very skinny and frail and a bit clumsy. But he loves to help me with my handworks. He thinks some white and yellow cat hair is a great adition to any handmade piece of clothing.

Hurrah, my labels are in!

From now on, this is the label I will put on everything (weel, almost everything...) I sew. This girl's going more and more profi!

Undies again!

This is it, I got myself a coverlock machine! And a coverlock has to be tested. 
I got an Elna Easy Cover. I am not so pleased with the machine itself, although everybody says it is a very good one. It skips stitches when I stitch an elastic trim over a seam. It just sews perfectly until it gets to the seam. I called at the shop and they told me that all the home coverlocks have this problem, some sort of "if you want better, get yourself an industrial one". And that most people fix the skipped stitches by hand. I did that too, but that was not in plan when I payed 700 euro for the machine. I am waiting now for the last solution: water soluble embroidery paper to put under the problem areas. If that will not work, than nothing does.
Neverthless, a sewing machine has to be fed, and they like to feast on fabric. So I fed it and this are the first results.
The first 2 undies are made with a pattern from Ottobre, and this pattern fits my girls very well.

This last one I made for Emilia and used a pattern from Niki . This is a very good pattern for a rounder girl but it is sagging on my very skinny little girl.

Northern woods

This skirt is the first clothing piece I made with a sewing machine, 2 and a half years ago. The stitching was not done really right, so I opened it up and stitched it again. Luckly, I made the skirt too big (then) and now it's just right on size.

All the butterflies

I haven't been much on this blog lately, but this doesn't matter I haven't been busy sewing. By the contrary. I will "throw in "some of the last things I made.
This dress is a collection of things my girls like: butterflies, saturated pink, bright blue, glitter&bling and a wide skirt.
This absolutely lovely fabric is designed by  Chong a Hwang for Timeless treasures, so if you thought it has something Chinese, you were right. It has very fine golden details.
The dress has a petticoat with a bright pink tulle ruffle. It is completely lined with batist and it closes at the back with snap buttons.
The pattern comes from the book Zelfgemaakte Kleertjes 2.